Sound design by Peter Seeba

  • What I am doing & what i am selling

    Sound design & post production

    I am educated at and graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). Professional experience in sound design, film mixing, dialogue editing, sound effect recording, library editing, foley recording, and audio restoration.

    Production sound recording

    With professional gear, experienced in fiction and documentary feature film, short stories, video games, and more...

    Sound effect recording & Editing

    Personalized sound libraries for games, films & sound designers.

    Click HERE to view SFX libraries for sale.

    Gear rental

    Packages available upon request to handle feature films, commercials and documentary sound recordings. Availability to rent Sound Devices recorders, Sennheiser microphones, DPA microphones, Betso Timecode, Rycote and Cinela wind protection, Sennheiser wireless systems, K-Tek boom poles and more...

  • Practicing

    sound design

    A sneak peek of how I work...

    Sound design & post production


    Some flashy commercial hits and edits for "DEMO" purposes.

    Sound effects recording & Editing


    A recording session of a Laurin Koster 4 Cylinder sailboat. For puchase HERE.

    Gear rental

    Recorders, microphones, wireless systems & wind protection.

    DPA and Sennheiser microphones. Sound Devices recorders. Betso Timecode.

  • Look and listen

    Trailers and excerpts from some of my past projects

    The Fabric

    Sound Design

    Director: Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen.

    Sci-Fi Thriller short shot in Denmark.


    Production and Foley recording

    Diretors: Natalia Anna Ciepiel & Alexander Ohrt.

    Sci-fi Pilot shot in Nuuk, Greenland.

    WE could be heroes

    Dialogue edit and Foley recording

    Diretor: Hind Bensari.

    The Film won 'Grand Jury' prize at 2018 Hot Docs International Film Festival.

  • About

    Using sounds to tell stories...

    Who am I?

    I give characters a distinct sonic personality, whether that character represents a person, emotion, object or an atmosphere. Only the right sound will identify the most appropriate sonic sensation. Sometimes a single element provides the accurate sound, other times a combination of sounds expresses the right excitement. To me, capturing perspectives and textures give objects and elements in films their own unique traits. I dedicate the extra time to record original sounds for each project I am part of.


    Peter Seeba.

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    Sound Design by Peter Seeba

    1663 Copenhagen V


    Phone: 004551951752